Investment Management

Trusted Investment Advisory Expertise
Miles Public Fund Services offers a variety of liquidity management and fixed income investment solutions to our participants.

All of our solutions are built on a solid foundation of fixed income management.  Our thirty-year history in the fixed income marketplace and strong Fundamental Technical Valuation (FTV) processes ensure that we are providing the most appropriate investment plan possible for public fund participants. 

In addition, in a market where credit concerns abound, our investment professionals average 17 years credit risk management experience. Our credit analysts continuously monitor the creditworthiness of all investment vehicles, including a regular credit analysis of banks that are eligible for deposit placement.

Our stable investment vehicles focus on safety first, liquidity second, and yield third.

  • Money Market Funds – We offer and administer funds that provide daily liquidity for clients.
    • SEC-registered pools
    • Statutory compliance with state regulations
    • Track record of integrity and efficiency
    • Institutional brokers offer competitive pricing and bidding
  • Pooled Variable Funds – We also offer management and administration for funds with a fluctuating NAV for LGIP programs.
  • Bond Proceed Management – We understand that bond proceeds require more attention and planning.
    • Investment management
    • Work with participants to properly manage for cash flow coverage
    • Offer administrative efficiency through detailed reporting
    • Maximize investment opportunities
  • Fixed Income or Fixed Rate Management – For participants that need longer-term investments and are interested in optimizing yield curve benefits.
    • Government and agency securities
    • Certificates of Deposit